Phishing emails are on the increase

  • Take care – Phishing emails have started to increase in number. These are emails that try to make you part with your hard earned money or your identity (which is arguably more valuable than your cash).
  • The main variations that I have seen so far are – :

An email from what appears to a respectable organisation telling you that there is a problem with your account and that you need reconfirm your account details. They then include a link for you to follow.

  • Don’t click on the link

An email claiming to have hacked into your email account and computer and to prove it the email appears to have come from yourself. They then tell you that they have recorded you, using your webcam, visiting ‘inappropriate’ websites and all your friends will be told unless you pay them £300 / £500 in Bitcoins.

Don’t fall for it

  • Your email has been ‘Spoofed’.  That is the email has had the ‘from’ part changed to look like another email address. Do you even have a webcam? Have you visited ‘inappropriate’ websites.
  • They want to cause panic – so calmly delete the email.