BlueKeep Malware


BlueKeep is a a piece of malware affecting older versions of Microsoft Windows. Its risk is significant because it attacks an operating system’s Remote Desktop Protocol, which connects to another computer over a network connection. This would allow a cyberthreat to spread very quickly. Microsoft has been imploring around a million users to apply a patch in blunt warnings since mid-May. It could spread without any human interaction. For this reason, Microsoft said, “We are taking the unusual step of providing a security update for all customers to protect Windows platforms.”

Does it affect me?
It could, if you haven’t updated the software in your personal computer in a while. Microsoft says that vulnerable in-support systems include Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2, and Windows Server 2008. Out-of-support systems include Windows 2003 and Windows XP. Customers running Windows 8 and Windows 10 are not affected by the vulnerability.

What should I do about it?
You should download and apply the patch, or software update, addressing the vulnerability.