Have you lost any important documents or photos?

If you have accidentally deleted some important documents, files or photos don’t despair we may be able to help.

We will come to your premises and take away either your hard drive or computer and try to recover any lost files.

Even if you hard drive is faulty we can sometimes recovery the DATA for you.

If for any reason we can’t recover your DATA we will not charge you anything.

DATA recovery is a lengthy process and takes at least 72 hours before you will get you hard drive back.

All the DATA recovered will be put on to a CD or DVD free of charge.

What’s included

  • Recovering any DATA that might be lost
  • Picking up and returning the PC / hard drive
  • Copy of the DATA on a CD or DVD

What’s not included

  • Recovering more than 1 hard drive
  • Installing any illegal or pirated software || Recovering to more than 1 CD / DVD – £5.00 per extra disk
  • Cost of a new hard drive if needed
  • Recovering programs such as Word, Excel, Photoshop etc.
  • Reinstalling the operating system if corrupt -this can be done for an extra charge.