Is your PC playing up?

If your PC has suddenly decided not to switch on or starts doing some unusual things. Don’t worry we will come to your premises pick up the faulty PC and repair it for you.

We aim to get most PC’s back within 48 hours, although this time can vary depending on the fault. You will have to pay for any parts but we can supply them at a competitive price. We will call you and let you know what needs doing to your PC before any work is started. If for any reason we can’t repair your PC we will not charge you anything. We will also check that your Windows is setup correctly and up to date.

Please let us know If you need more than 1 PC repaired when booking. Additional PC’s can be repaired up at the same visit for £40.00 each.

What’s included

  • Reinstalling the operating system if corrupt
  • Picking up and returning the PC
  • Setting up the PC when returned
  • Checking Internet and Email are working
  • Checking that windows is up to date

What’s not included

  • Any parts needed
  • Recovering any DATA that might be lost
  • Repairing more than 1 computer
  • Installing any illegal or pirated software