Need your PC setting up?

Have you just bought PC or Laptop and are having trouble setting it up?

Have you just moved house or office and don’t have the time?

Whatever the reason we can install any new or used PC for a fixed rate of £80.00

We will connect up any printers, scanners, digital cameras or any other peripherals that you might have.

We will also connect your internet up and check that your email works.

We will also install Anti-Virus software and make sure that your Windows is setup correctly. If you need more than 1 PC setting up, that’s fine. Please let us know when booking. Additional PC’s can be set up at the same visit for £40.00 each.

What’s not included

  • Any parts needed
  • Removal of any spyware or viruses
  • Setting up more than 1 computer – £40.00 per extra computer
  • The repair of the PC if faulty
  • Installing any illegal or pirated software
  • Reinstalling the operating system if corrupt